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Isolation animals: Rosie the sassy 'senior citizen' moggie

“Lockdown – what lockdown?” you can imagine her thinking as she wakes up from another sleep

Isolation animals: Rosie the sassy 'senior citizen' moggie

Apr 4, 2020 etc

As we enter the second week of lockdown, many people are thanking God they’ve got their animal pal in their bubble to help them through the next four weeks. We know there’s a lot of serious news about at the moment, so we’re running a series of profiles of the pets helping their owners through isolation as a little breather if you need one. This morning: Now to Love lifestyle editor Karyn Henger’s Rosie the sassy ‘senior citizen’ moggie. 

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Name: Rosie Henger
Age: 13 years
Breed: Moggie

Likes: Soft, warm surfaces. Watching water run down drains. Yoghurt.
Dislikes: Being picked up.

Rosie stretching (l) and with her BFF, Karyn's 17 year old daughter. Photo: Karyn Henger
Rosie stretching (l) and with her BFF, Karyn’s 17 year old daughter. Photo: Karyn Henger

Bio: Rosie is what you’d call a senior citizen so she spends a lot of time sleeping. But you will still catch a wild look in her eye on a windy day. She shadows my 17yo daughter everywhere – the two of them are as one. Rosie was an abandoned kitten who had been found shivering under a bush and brought into our local vet. We met her there. She’s always kept good health but in recent years she has developed a cat form of IBS so she’s on a special diet and needs monthly steroid injections to stop her from vomiting up everything she eats. The injections also help her with her arthritis. Lucky vet clinics are still considered an essential service.

Fun fact: She thinks she’s one of us and has her own chair at the dinner table! She’s really good, she doesn’t try to get up on the table and eat our food, she just likes to sit with us and be part of the conversation!

How she’s helping us get through isolation: Every day she makes us smile. She’s quite sassy even for an old girl and her little quirks make us laugh. The fact that she is oblivious to what’s going on in the world makes her even funnier. “Lockdown – what lockdown?” you can imagine her thinking as she wakes up from another sleep.


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