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Metro Eats! Friday 13 October

Don't forget to vote!

Metro Eats! Friday 13 October

Oct 13, 2023 Metro Eats

Friday the Thirteenth! Hard to imagine what’s scarier — Jason Voorhees or whatever Frankenstein coalition will emerge as our new government tomorrow night. Still, there’s food to eat. If you’re going to an election night drinks thing, these are our recommendations:

Moderation — It’s a long night. Don’t go too hard too soon. Drink plenty of water during the early returns and ease into the night to avoid getting into the impassioned political rant part of the evening too early. There’s a time and a place for that, but at least wait until the first concession speech.

Excess — If you’re watching Three’s coverage, do and/or consume one thing that Paddy Gower has made a documentary about whenever Paddy Gower appears on screen.

Herr’s corn extrusions —  It’s not the patriotic option (though Bluebrid is owned by PepsiCo now, so it’s not like Burger Rings are any better), but here at Metro, we love Herr’s ‘cheese curls’ (especially the Buffalo Blue Cheese and Jalapeno flavours) and consider them a top flight election night snack. 

Rose — On a balmy night last week, I had my first rose since last summer, and I must say, it was delightful. 

Go out for dinner and forget about it — Yes, you should vote (please vote), but that doesn’t mean you have to sit around stressing over whether your side is winning or losing. So once you’ve done your civic duty, why not go have a nice dinner at a restaurant, cooked by someone else (who is, hopefully, good at cooking), and forget about the counting until it’s all been counted?

Either way, definitely vote, definitely eat and definitely drink (not necessarily alcohol — water remains unbeaten). Oh, and if you haven’t already, buy the latest Metro. If you subscribe now, you get a four pack of No Ugly Skin + Serum. Why wait?

— Henry


What’s Happening


Metro favourite Kiin Underground Thai Kitchen has now moved to 360C Dominion Rd and since the kitchen is no longer down a perilous set of stairs (which you descended before making your way through a chilli-infused kitchen to reach the bathrooms) it is now simply called Kiin Thai Kitchen. Even better than moving closer to us at Metro, the restaurant’s seasonal speciality Mango Sticky Rice is back. It regularly sells out, but if you see it, buy it. 

On Saturday (election day!), Snack Pack presents another Dine and Dance event, this time: Ramen Bass. At a secret location (I’m sure you’ll know when you need to know), you’ll be served ramen with a side of Japanese pop, jazz and disco classics.

On Sunday, Smales Farm are having a plant market, so while you’re getting a pastry at Ripe Deli or a burger at Shake Out (we’re still wondering why this franchise hasn’t spread further), you can pick up some house plants or some seedlings.

Bonus: In an update from last week’s corporate fast food rundown, KFC’s Gimme Five (PLU12) is back until 16 October. 


What’s New


The cult birria taco pop-up Broke Boy Taco is now a real proper restaurant in Mt Albert. Opening on Wednesday 18 October at 964 New North Rd, if it’s anything like the pop-ups there’ll be heaps of people there and long waits so don’t go too hungry and definitely don’t forget your patience (or your manners). It’ll be open Wednesday-Friday for dinners only and lunch and dinner on Saturdays.

Also opening on Wednesday is Gilt Brasserie, Josh Emit’s new restaurant in the Chancery Chambers (just a hop, skip and a jump down the hill from Onslow ). Like Onslow, the interiors are done by Rufus Knight, so it’ll have that quiet luxury vibe to match the casually sophisticated (or sophisticatedly casual) food. The Instagram says open all day (though no official hours yet) and something about a good dinner starting at lunch, so here’s hoping for some very long lunches in our collective futures.

Looking further ahead, the new Michael Meredith (y’know, the chef from Mr Morris (and previously Meredith’s) is opening his new SkyCity restaurant Metita on 27 October. It’s where Gusto at the Grand used to be and, according to Michael, is a representation of his version of the Pacific. We’re pretty excited about this one, too.

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