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Metro Recommends: The 'fatcarons' from Daldang

Who'd say no to double filling?

Metro Recommends: The 'fatcarons' from Daldang

Jan 24, 2020 Food

Metro digital editor Tess Nichol enjoys a macaron on steroids from Daldang on Mayoral drive.

I’ve been wanting to try a Daldang ‘fatcaron’ ever since I read about them in the first food news calendar of 2020 (shout out to my colleague Jean for putting these together week in week out, you’re a hero). 

I’m often a little sus when perfectly good food is given the Instagram treatment (let things be what they are!) and macarons on their own are doing just fine, but like you’d never say no to a bit of extra icing on your cupcake, I found the idea of a double cream filling quite appealing. 

Also appealing: Daldang’s branding, which is really adorable. They greet customers on Facebook with “good morning sweeties!” and their tagline is “Let’s be sweet”. Yes, let’s.

These fatcarons are little chubsters. I got two, an affogato and a matcha green tea, and stacked one on top of the other they were nearly so wide I couldn’t hold them together to take a photo (See: pic of my little crocodile-mouth hand straining to look aesthetic above). 

The outsides are crispy, arguably a little too crispy (I prefer a nice soft macaron casing myself) but, the cream is truly divine. It’s so soft and buttery and tastes of what it says it will, rather than indiscriminately sweet. The matcha, in particular, was impressive: pleasingly bitter and savoury. The affogato had a rich coffee flavour and both creams were so light and fluffy. They more than made up for the sub-optimal texture of the outside, why? Because there was so much of each.

Less is more? No, more is more so give us, ta.

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