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Dear Metro: The JessB edition!

Ripped off by an influencer, and what to do if you're flat broke with rich friends

Dear Metro: The JessB edition!

Aug 14, 2019 Society

JessB is part of the new generation of Auckland hip hop, and has just released her second EP New Views, a project that talks about personal development and new life experiences that have come from travel and connecting with creative communities here and overseas. We reckon that makes her the perfect person to dish out some life advice.

To write in, email

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Dear Jess, 

I have a frustrating issue. 

I was engaged to create an updated website brand by an influencer. The influencer was paid at the conclusion of the project but hasn’t paid me. 

In fact, she altered the needs list after the job was done and told me I hadn’t completed the tasks when I actually have a copy of the original list and the client in fact thanked me. 

She then, stupidly, wrote to the client and said “if he contacts you do not pay him” – but accidentally sent that email to me.

Do I name and shame or go to small claims?

Please help!


Used and Abused.

Dear Used,

If you have been used and abused …. Then I am mad. My fuse has blewed. Jokes aside, nothing gets me going more than someone who takes advantage of people. Influencer?? More like influenza. Cough. Sick of it!!

First things first. It sounds like you have the receipts. Email trails, screenshots are like electronic gold in these situations if you are wanting to name and shame. The most important one here might be the email she accidentally sent to you … this really outs her character and intentions as a snake in the influencer grass.

I say it’s time to get out the lawnmower.

Online reputation is crucial for influencers! I think that you should go back to her one more time privately. Let her know if you don’t see the caaaaash monneeeey in your account that you will proceed to name and shame. Hopefully this in itself will be enough to spook her. But if not…. FINISH HER. Metaphorically. On social media. With professionalism.

Future prediction: You were used and abused, but now her image is bruised. The situation is diffused and the payment’s now approved.

Dear Jess,

How should you deal with friends that make (or at least have) more money than you? Like, you want to hang out with them but they want to go to expensive restaurants and spend it up and then split the bill. Or, they want you to go with them on holidays you can’t afford. Or if they get married, it’ll probably include a bachelor/hens night in, like, Bali or something. What to do?

Dear Keeping Up with the Joneses,

As a musician…. trust me when I say… I have learnt to live within my means.  The only time I eat at an expensive restaurant is when I’m not paying. *wink*. No bill splitting with rich people around here!! I’m trying to get them to pay for me, and pay my rent first!!

I feel like a bachelors/hens night in Bali is something that you have time to work towards. Assuming none of your friends are engaged right this second?  You can most definitely start by spending less money at dinners. A friend once told me “If you can’t have a good time eating somewhere on Dominion Road, are you even friends?”. FACTS. As long as the food tastes good…. The company is what’s really key here right??

Invite them out for a delicious meal of noodles at Xi’an Food Bar on Dominion Road (get a number #37 they are FIRE). Not even a paid promotion …. just one of my affordable favs. If they refuse.. well. Get some new dinner friends and just spend quality (free) time with them in their mansions. And P.S I’m always down for noodles.


JessB x

To write in, email

You can see JessB live at Raynham Park on 20 September.

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