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Dear Metro: "How do I ask for a pay rise at work?"

And what do I do if I got too drunk and talked bullshit all night long?!

Dear Metro: How do I ask for a pay rise at work?

Sep 4, 2019 Society

JessB is part of the new generation of Auckland hip hop, and has just released her second EP New Views, a project that talks about personal development and new life experiences that have come from travel and connecting with creative communities here and overseas. We reckon that makes her the perfect person to dish out some life advice.

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Dear Jess,

I want a pay rise but I don’t know how to ask him for one. I’ve been at my job for just over a year and I’m still on my starting salary even though I work hard and am good at my job. What’s the best way to approach this with my boss, and what do I say once we’re in the meeting together?

Shy But Worth It

Dear Shy,

I would say your best bet is to go straight to it. Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t pussyfoot around. Don’t blow hot and cold , or flip-flop. We are not here to f*** spiders. We are here to make PROGRESS! Best way to approach maybe would be to send an email since you’re a bit shy to bring it up in person.

Subject line I could suggest: Meeting request re: pay Rise.  There’s no mistaking that! He can’t bring up any other topics to distract you from the real mission here!! Once you’re in the meeting I would just be as straight to the point as you can while stating your reasons why you think a pay rise is a fair request.

The worst your boss can say is no!! (Let’s hope not!!) This is also perfect timing for me to throw in my FAVOURITE saying….. “closed mouths don’t get fed”. Good luck!

Dear Jess,

Arrghhhh I got really drunk on the weekend and said and did a bunch of stupid stuff…. I think??? No one seems mad at me but I can’t stop spiralling into shame-fuelled anxiety about my antics. Is it dumb to text everyone and ask if they’re mad? Should I just assume I was fine and not too argumentative and didn’t make all my friends hate me… how do you deal with the hangover from hell?

Hungover and Anxious

Dear Anxious,

Oh god I hear you! I, JessB, have been known to be called “MessB” on more than one occasion… all in good fun I say! As long as no one is getting hurt.

If no one seems mad then they probably aren’t… I mean I would hope that my friends would address me direct if I did some really A+ dumb stuff on a big night out. I would hope your friends would too! 

On another note, it sounds like you have no solid proof of any stupid things you said?! For all we know, you could have been chatting about saving the planet, or putting an end to systematic racism in New Zealand!? I would say you have probably escaped any heat for now… but if your antics are causing you anxiety maybe you need to re-think your antics to avoid it happening again!  

P.S I heard Powerade and Chinese food are both really good to deal with a hangover from hell. Try that too.


JessB x

To write in, email

You can see JessB live at Raynham Park on 20 September.

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