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5 Good Things to think about on NZ coronavirus lockdown Day 1

A collection of Good Things we've spotted on the world wide web

5 Good Things to think about on NZ coronavirus lockdown Day 1

Mar 26, 2020 Society

The Covid-19 pandemic is here and while we’re all in lockdown with a lot of time on our hands it’s going to be easy to really lean into our anxious tendencies by obsessively reading the news and ruminating on how bad this could all get. 

To help provide distraction for five minutes every day, Metro will be rounding up the best/ funniest/ most comforting small things we’ve found on the world wide web.

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Day 1

1. Whitmer Thomas’ song “Big Baby”.

Once taking into consideration how low effort it is to use, Snapchat’s “baby” filter arguably delivers better comedic dividends than your average stand up. Whitmer Thomas (aka some guy on Twitter) has used it to great effect in the unsettling music video he created while in self-isolation, “Big Baby”, which has gone viral – probably because, I’m sorry to say, it actually goes pretty hard. “It’s easy to be a baby / all you gotta do is sing,” one lyric promises. Using this internal logic, anyone who listens to this song once will be a baby for at least a week after.

2. Photos of dogs still exist (because we know you all love those).

We are all about daily content series here at Metro atm and another ongoing series we’re doing is Isolation Animals; cute short profiles about the animals helping Aucklanders get through the lockdown. Our first profile is on Sugaray, Alex Blackwood’s 18-year-old deaf westie who has his own Instagram account and to quote Alex: “Sugar is a cheerful, sprightly old handsome man”. I (Tess) am unable to get over this professional model shot of Sugar, which is nicer than any photo ever taken of me, an actual human.

Sugar modelling in his salad days. Image: Lyle Adams.
Sugar modelling in his salad days. Image: Lyle Adams.

3. The Cut’s fashion dog Insta story takeover.

Boobie the chihuahua took over The Cut’s Instagram story earlier this week and it’s excessively charming. How is this tiny dog so expressive? I really believe it’s the dog writing the captions and communicating its own thoughts to me, rather than some unseen human. Incredible. Side note, the dog again photographs better here than I ever have. I also want its bougie life. Coronavirus Lockdown Day 1: Becoming Jealous of Dogs.

Boobie the dog: Truly, a star. Photo: The Cut/ Instagram
Boobie the dog: Truly, a star. Photo: The Cut/ Instagram

4. The online conspiracy (?) theory that Joe Biden is dead after he’s been MIA during the coronavirus outbreak in the States.

Honestly, as amusing as it is to read tweets from at-first-blush very convincing fake Joe Biden Twitter accounts which say “I am dead please vote for Bernie”, the official explanation from Biden’s team that he is around but not appearing on video because his house doesn’t have any high ceilings and the lighting is weird is perhaps even more intriguing.

5. Jaboukie Young White’s entire Twitter feed.

Single-handedly helping me stave off existential angst daily. Take a good look while you still can because he’s constantly getting suspended for being extremely naughty and crack up on the timeline!!!!!

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