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Metro x The Realness

Locals make the world go round.

Metro x The Realness

Aug 1, 2021 Society

It’s been a minute since we first went into lockdown and if there’s one thing we took away from that time:  we need to have our small businesses backs, because they’ve got ours.


Many of us aren’t 100% certain who our hard-earned dough is going to, but wouldn’t you rest easier knowing it wasn’t going to some fat cat rich dude wanting to renovate their third holiday home?

The Realness is your one-stop-shop when it comes to supporting your local, and the crew behind this kaupapa have made it almost too easy to become a champion of an independent, owner-operated business near you.

All businesses listed on are owned by the people who operate them, so the small act of spending your dosh with one of these businesses is a huge step in being more connected to your choices.

We’re big fans of The Realness community, so check out this groovy poster that featured in our June edition of Metro. Rep The Realness and print out their poster for your bedroom wall, and support your local today!


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