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Osteria Uno on opening up and Bon Appetit

Metro x Stella Artois

Osteria Uno on opening up and Bon Appetit

Nov 1, 2023 Restaurants

We talk to Jordan and Sarah Macdonald of the brand new Birkenhead pasta place, Osteria Uno Eatery (and who also run Metro Best Cafe 2023, Duo, right next door) ahead of the Bon Appetit with Stella Artois event. The initial run of tickets sold out immediately so new dates have been added – get tickets here while you still can!

Tell us about your journey through hospitality and how you have arrived at the point

Our journey in hospo definitely didn’t begin together, Jordan began cooking when he was 17, he spent years at Depot , then working at Fed deli as well as a stint in Tredwells in London in between that. Then Jordan opened Culprit, followed by Lowbrow, Nook, Little Culprit and Double Double. Before Sarah and Jordan decided to open their first place together, just them 2. Prior to Duo (& Uno) Sarah was a chef at Fed deli, Woodpecker hill, Culprit, Lowbrow & Nook. Now at Duo Jordan runs the kitchen and Sarah runs the floor. We love Duo and the neighbourhood so much, when the spot right next door came up we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to open another place, and could use with the extra prep area too haha. Duo and Uno are our 4th and 5th babies (after our 3 kids), we seriously care so much about what we do and can feel our local community enjoys and cares about what we do too!


How is the new restaurant coming together? When are you open, what’s the thinking with the menu

Uno is coming together quickly! It was a slow burn to start but looks like we are in the final few weeks, looking like the end of October/start of November we will be opening the doors. Our menu will be Italian inspired, fresh pasta for the larger plates and small sharing plates! Smaller plates include housemate focaccia with balsamic & black garlic butter, whipped fish roe & housemade crisps, beef tartare on pizza fritta. Larger plates include Bucanti with mussels, fermented chilli butter, as well as Cresto de Gallo with marsala braised duck leg balsamic and rosemary. Desserts include crema fritta bites, our tiramisu and an epicly tall buffalo yoghurt mousse.


Where did the idea for this edition of Bon Appetit event come from?

The idea from Bon Appetit came from thinking about epic movies through time and food moments within those movies. Immediately Pulp Fiction and the Royale with Cheese sprung to mind – how could anyone not think of that! Then the rest just fell into place from there. Flashdance with the Lobster scene made us think of a way to incorporate lobster (in this case fresh NZ crayfish) and something that goes with our Uno style, so Crayfish rigatoni of course. Finally the Grand Budapest hotel with Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat we thought we definitely could create that dessert and make it our own as well as making it absolutely delicious.


Why those movies/dishes? Was it trying to make a menu that makes sense or something about those particular movies?

It was a bit of trying to find a movie that was suitable as well as food that fits what we do, without picking the most obvious movies there were! We decided that even if it didn’t fit what we do at Uno it had to at least be delicious, we’ve definitely done that with this menu!


What should people expect from the sessions?

People should expect to have an epic dining experience! It’ll include delicious food, great beer and some great movie scenes. There won’t be a dull moment in your dining experience!


Bon Appetit with Stella Artois is at Osteria Uno, 140 Hinemoa St
November 12-16

Tickets here.


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