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Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar (2)

Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar (2)

Aug 18, 2012 Restaurants

Metro Best Restaurants in Auckland - DepotSkyCity, 88 Federal St, City. Ph 363-7048.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner, 7 days.


Depot reminds people of somewhere else: London, San Francisco, Sydney, Madrid, New York. Everyone, it seems, has a favourite little place they find themselves transported to. It’s busy, often ridiculously so, but the staff are very well trained to cope. It’s lovely, because of the retro décor and because the room is beautifully proportioned. And that expression on the faces of the customers — it’s barely suppressed excitement. They shuck their oysters in front of you — Depot brought this idea to Auckland less than a year ago. Turbot sliders — another revelation. Sauvignon blanc and pinot noir from the tap, served with tumblers — also new in this town. It’s cosmopolitan, yes, but the food is both superbly cooked and specifically local: Depot celebrates our bounty. You can’t book, and it’s way too popular, but that’s hardly their fault. This place, created by Al Brown, a celebrity chef from Wellington, is the best little eatery in the country.

A favourite dish: Freshly shucked oysters!
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Best Casual Bistro
Best New Restaurant
Progressive Restaurateur of the Year: Al Brown
Restaurant Personality of the Year: Joe Williams