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Metro recommends: Peppermint Slice Duck Island ice cream

Metro recommends: Peppermint Slice Duck Island ice cream

Metro recommends: Peppermint Slice Duck Island ice cream

Nov 15, 2019 Food

Is there a more classic treat than the traditional peppermint slice? Put that in an ice cream and you’ve got an absolute winner.

For someone who suffers a very sweet tooth, ice-cream features quite low on the leaderboard of treats to satisfy my sugar cravings. However a double scoop of Duck Island Peppermint Slice in a waffle cone changes all that.

It’s hard to describe ice cream without reverting to tired cliches or phrases that could be interpreted as awkward innuendos, but stuff it. This ice cream is smooth, creamy and I very much enjoy having it in my mouth. With chocolate chunks generously distributed throughout each scoop, it manages to include all the elements of a traditional slice, while still tasting like something new.

Duck Island is a small batch ice cream producer from the Waikato with a focus on using fresh and seasonal ingredients. As a first timer at their newest branch in Newmarket, I had a few flavours to try before settling – for research purposes of course.

Among the 26 options, the Black Sticky Rice caught my eye. This one had a subtle chai-like flavour but somehow manages to capture the essence of the South East Asian rice-based dessert known for its texture, without having any of the texture.

The second flavour is chosen in a moment of madness. I’m lulled into a false sense of security by the friendly fairy lights and people in aprons who look like they know a lot about ice cream. I slurp up the pickle flavour (yes that’s right pickle!) with the confidence of someone who’s never tried pickle flavoured ice cream before. Although pickles seem to be very on trend right now I’m not convinced they should be allowed in an ice cream shop.

This confirms why I am somewhat conservative when it comes to ice cream flavours. Nothing beats the classic combination of peppermint and chocolate.

For our vegan or lactose intolerant friends there are plenty of dairy free options made from coconut milk at Duck Island, along with a range of gluten free and allergy friendly options.

You can also taste test the flavours off REAL spoons before you make your final decision. Not only does this reduce waste but ice cream just seems to taste better when it’s not downed off a prickly popsicle stick or tacky piece of plastic.

This indulgence is a very reasonable $6 for up to two flavours, and with the option of combining up to 8 flavours for $12, it won’t break the bank while still feeling like a luxurious treat.


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