Best Ugly's Gold Digger 4 pack. Photo: Jean Teng

Metro Recommends: Best Ugly Bagel's 'Gold Digger' cookie

Noted treat lover Tess Nichol is on a real bikkie bender at the moment, thanks to the latest addition to Best Ugly’s menu.

I’m extremely good at forgetting to do what I’ve been told, especially when it comes to food. Three weeks ago my doctor asked me to cut out dairy as it was a likely culprit for my relentlessly spotty skin (anyone else have worse skin now than they did as a teenager? Who can I file a complaint about this to?), and I dutifully agreed.

It turns out dairy is in quite a lot of stuff. Honestly, who knew! I keep eating it and my skin still looks quite shit but it feels worth it to devour a four-pack of Best Ugly’s delicious new 'Gold Digger' cookies, or the 'Best Ugly Biscuit' (BUB), as I like to call it. 

A BUB is, coincidentally, like if a Subway cookie and a Bumper Bar made a baby: an almost oatmeal-like dough (it’s yum though, trust me) packed with chunks of dried apricot, chocolate chips and M&Ms. You can hoon through them alarmingly easily, and one is never enough. Four is probably actually too may, but they offer this 4 for $8 deal (a single cookie is $2.50) so once you’re buying two you might as well get two more. It’s called budgeting, look it up. 

The perfect little afternoon pick-me-up / sick-me-up (if I eat too many get it? Lol). Yum!!!!


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