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Metro Recommends: Satya Chai Lounge's dahi puri

Little pillowy bites of heaven

Metro Recommends: Satya Chai Lounge's dahi puri

Aug 9, 2019 Cheap Eats

Metro Recommends is a regular recommendation of food we love, whether it’s an unsung hero we want to share with the world, or a crowd favourite we can’t help but sing the praises of.

Last week: Houjicha soft-serve ice cream from Tsujiri

If I were some kind of omnipotent God living in the ether above the earth, and I were to feast on the clouds around me like a character in a children’s story, I imagine the experience would be not dissimilar from eating a dahi puri at the Satya Chai Lounge

Not necessarily in flavour, but in texture certainly. Gorgeous puffs of yoghurt sitting atop a crisp cracker-like shell, topped with a splodge of tamarind sauce and dusted with spice powder and chopped coriander. Truly, it’s the kind of snack you would find in heaven.

It was hard to choose first of all whether it was cheating to include anything from Satya in a Metro Recommeds (I mean, who doesn’t recommend Satya?), and then when I decided it was fine (it’s a love letter!), I wasn’t sure which item to hero. I could have just as easily sang the praises of the curryflower, covered as it is in spicy, perfectly crisped batter and served with a creamy sauce so divine my mouth is watering as I type this, or the chicken 65, or the kurryage, or the mushroom magic – you get the picture.

But there is something extra special about a tiny little bite; a morsel you can pop in your mouth whole and devour in a moment. Plus there’s always such a surplus of yoghurt that’s it’s like you get a little free dipping sauce to dunk the rest of what you’ve ordered in for a little extra flavour kick.

Satya only lets you order the dahi puri if you buy a minimum of four, but that doesn’t matter because anyone who wanted less would be a weirdo freak anyway. Wash it down with a rum old fashioned from Satya’s truly excellent cocktail list and your night’s sorted.

Dahi puri, $2.50 per piece (minimum order 4)

Satya Chai Lounge, 271 K’ Rd and 515 Sandringham Rd

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