New bubble tea shop Yu Cha brews up intriguing concoctions on Dominion Rd

Yu Cha is a new spot on Dominion Rd for all kinds of beverage delights.

Right across from Eden Noodles Cafe’s constant line out the door on Dominion Rd is Yu Cha, a new, small, neon-lit shop with a brightly coloured menu of 50 different drinks. A well-established bubble tea brand in China, the menu, decor and all the recipes are the same as they are there.

The owner, Chonglun Tang (who goes by Jim) is also from China, having come to New Zealand 13 years ago. He chose to open this bubble tea place because he appreciates the modern take on tea. “It isn’t old-fashioned,” he says, “the fruits are fresh. You can actually see them.”

Tang chose the brand Yu Cha because when he first tasted their teas, he felt they were different from others. And indeed, the menu features a rainbow of drinks, including one that is Barney-violet in colour: the Purple Fairy, a dragon fruit and kumara smoothie. Tang notes that purple kumara in a sweet drink isn’t just unusual in New Zealand, it is unusual in China too. The menu also features all the classic teas you would expect to find – bubble tea, jasmine tea, as well as more of the less-usual tea with surprising flavour combos.

The Dominion Rd spot was chosen for its proximity to the city and foot traffic. The enthusiasm is clear: his shop has just opened and already he’s looking forward to expanding to a second store.

Opens 9 November.

12pm-9:30pm, 7 days
96A Dominion Rd
Mt Eden

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