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Your week in food: A family feast at Apéro, Late Night Art and food, plus what we ate this week

Late Night Art and food, plus what we ate this week

Your week in food: A family feast at Apéro, Late Night Art and food, plus what we ate this week

Oct 8, 2019 What's On

Metro brings you a round up of the best of what Auckland has to offer for the coming week in our city’s diverse and exciting food scene.

Metro One Night Only: Apéro ’s Family Supper
Metro’s One Night Only dining series gives you the special chance of attending a culinary experience unique to the event (hence, “one night only”. We’re geniuses!), never to be repeated again. This week, Best Casual Restaurant for 2019 Apéro’s Leslie Hottiaux will serve up a family feast of pot au feu, cooked gently for a very long time, served two ways. We promise there will be bread, and there will be wine. Tickets are $65 per person, and very limited (16 left!), so get in soon.
13 October | 280 Karangahape Rd

Peru Pop Up
A four-course Peruvian tasting menu from Peru, Pop Up Restobar headed by three Peruvian foodies comes to Auckland this week. Expect causa acevichada, arroz con pato and rocoto relleno, plus cocktails and South American wines. $75pp.
13 October | Alberts Post, Mount Albert

Art of Wine 2019
We’ve appreciated recent efforts of the general wine world to make their industry seem less wanky, but there is a certain level of unavoidable pretentiousness that comes with the territory. And, honestly, it can be kind of fun. Lean into it. Swirl your glass, stick your nose in and take a big sniff.
14 October | Shed 10

Late Night Art (plus StreetArtDego)
Art Week’s Late Night Art event includes the micro food-and-art festival StreetArtDego, featuring a line-up of food trucks and vendors slinging food riffing on the theme “Climate Changed”. Expect a beer-battered “fish” burger from Wise Boys, piko piko and edamame bites from Puha & Pakeha and artwork from artists like Seung Yul Oh.
15 October | Khartoum Place and Te Ha o Hine Place

The Fermentist launches New Zealand’s first carboNZero certified beer
In the most 2019 move ever, Lion owned brewery The Fermentist has launched a carbon neutral beer with its own ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) marketing content piece to reconcile the sights and smells of beer making with the taste and texture that we know. The content piece is made to be watched in while you drink the beer – so out you pop, get your hands on a can then come back and watch this vid.

Glenlivet has launched seaweed whisky capsules

They look like laundry capsules, they’re made from seaweed, they’re full of whisky and Glenlivet announced them via video last week. You bite into them and the whisky cocktail is released then you eat the edible seaweed casing. Simple. No news yet on where to attain them, but don’t worry, Alex Blackwood will stop at literally nothing until she gets her hands on them.

What We Ate This Week
Jean Teng and Alex Blackwood

Andiamo baked ricotta with honey and dates
This is an interesting one, because it was more (to my eyes) deep-fried ricotta than baked. It was yum, but it was deep-fried and it seemed like a marketing move to me to call it otherwise. The dish was yummy, and the crunch of the honeycomb and batter went well with the creamy softness of the ricotta. I could still taste the thyme hours later which was a nice reminder that I had had a decent lunch. – AB

Homemade custard doughnuts using Little and Friday’s recipe
I lied a bit on Instagram, but the jig has to be up now that I am writing about it: I didn’t bake these, my flatmate did. I just helped and wandered about suggesting things. He did an excellent job and honestly, if he opened a shop, I would go there. If anything they were better than Little and Friday’s originals. Great recipe. – AB

Sneaky Snacky classic glazed doughnut burger
I hereby apologise to K Road bystanders, who would have seen me trying to walk while stuffing a glazed doughnut burger in my mouth. While I am apologising, I will definitely do it again. Sometimes you just gotta eat and walk at the same time ¯_(?)_/¯ – AB

Three of my favourite Nippy’s flavours at once
I am obsessed with Nippy’s. Obsessed. Even so, buying one each of Iced Banana, Iced Honeycomb and Iced Strawberry then trying to drink them all at once (1.1 litres of milk all in all) was utter hubris. That said, I did it, I am still alive and I ascertained that, as I suspected, Iced Honeycomb is the best Nippy’s. – AB


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