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Ponsonby Rd Bistro

Aug 18, 2012 Restaurants

Metro Audi Restaurant of the Year 2012 - Ponsonby Rd Bistro165 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby. Ph 360-1611.

Lunch Monday-Friday; dinner Monday-Saturday.


Ponsonby Rd Bistro is what you get when the restaurateurs know about all the things they need to do to make a place successful, but instead of just doing those things they add 20 per cent on top. Because they want to. For a bistro, PRB has an unusually good wine list, the service is skilled, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable, and the beautiful room could just as easily work if the place became more formal. But formal it is not. Proprietors Blair Russell and Melissa Morrow are proud of the mix of high standards, chic aesthetics and relaxed atmosphere they have created, and with a menu full of deliciously big-tasting dishes from the kitchen of chef Sarah Conway, PRB is indisputably one of the leading signature restaurants of the Ponsonby strip.

A favourite dish: Escabèche of whole sardines with red onion, parsley and lemon.
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