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Pasta & Cuore

May 24, 2016 Restaurants

Pasta & Cuore


What makes it special?

Fantastic pasta. Just absolutely fantastic pasta. Pasta from the heart, as the name says.

Behind the scenes

Stefania Ugolini grew up in Bologna with a mother who cooked at a prestigious restaurant and a grandmother who believed cooking was an essential skill for every woman in want of a man. So Ugolini began to cook pasta at age five. As she puts it, “I grew up with a ball of pasta dough in my hand”. And a love of it in her heart, obviously. This revelatory new restaurant is not perfect. It doesn’t open for long enough: you need to be in by 7.30 if you’re expecting dinner. And it’s small, so we fear it will become too popular. But what good “problems” to have. Both point to an operation not afraid to work within strict limits to maintain enormously high standards. We salute that.

A favourite dish

Pasta. The menu changes daily, so put yourself in their hands.

What it offers

Good for vegetarians / Free-range chicken and/or pork / Good seating outside / Good for kids

Since this review, Pasta & Cuore have extended their opening time until 8.30 PM

4 spoons

Neighbourhood Bistro
Bookings: Yes
Price: $
Seats: 38
Chef: Stefania Ugolini

409 Mt Eden Rd. Ph 630-9130,
Hours: Lunch Tue-Sun; Dinner Tue-Sat. $

Finalist, Best New Restaurant