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Olive Oil Semifreddo — Hugo's Bistro

Make your own version of this fantastic dish from the Metro Best Dishes issue. With thanks to Stella Artois!

Olive Oil Semifreddo — Hugo's Bistro

May 11, 2023 Restaurants

A deceptively simple dessert, Hugo’s semifreddo is smooth and silky; dreamy and indulgent, with lashings of quality olive oil that make you want to bathe in the stuff. The sprinkling of sea salt lifts the whole thing to stratospheric.



2 loaf tins
Sugar thermometer
Stand mixer
225g egg yolks (about 14)
340g castor sugar
66.5g glucose
125g water
5.5g gold gelatin (2.5 sheets)
324.5g cream
200g crème fraîche
225g Lot Eight Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt to taste

To serve
Lot Eight Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sea salt




Oil the loaf tins and line with Glad Wrap.


Weigh out egg yolks in bowl of stand mixer. Mix on high until they go thick and stringy.


Weigh castor sugar, glucose and water in a pot and put on a high heat. Bring to 121 degrees Celsius.


When sugar syrup reaches 121 degrees, drizzle it into the egg yolks while the mixer is on. Scrape it all in, leave it mixing on high until the mixture is cool to touch (up to 10 minutes).


Bloom the gelatin in iced water. Squeeze dry, melt in a hot pan, add to egg mix and beat on high.


Combine cream and crème fraîche in a bowl and whip to SOFT peaks. Do not overwhip; it will not work if it is whipped to hard peaks.


When egg mix is cool, fold it into the cream mix a third at a time.


Fold in olive oil a third at a time.


Season with salt.


Split between the two tins (approx 900g per tin).


Freeze overnight.


To serve, chill plates in the freezer for five minutes.
Tip semifreddo out and cut into slices about 2cm thick.
Drizzle with more Lot Eight Olive Oil and sprinkle with sea salt.


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This recipe was published in Metro N°438.
Available here.


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