New restaurant The Gyoza Bar serves uncomplicated and satisfying Japanese dishes

The Gyoza Bar

Gyoza Japanese dumplings are the order of the day at new Ponsonby restaurant The Gyoza Bar

There’s something incomparably satisfying about a dumpling – each gossamer wrapper encasing just-cooked, just-fatty-enough minced meat and perhaps the sweet hint of vegetables, to be enjoyed as one perfectly uncomplicated mouthful. Gyozas are Japan’s dumpling: the casings slightly thinner than their Chinese counterparts, for example, and stretched a little further to look like half-moons. 

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The cooking method differs too: where on Auckland’s Dominion Road you might be offered your dumplings steamed, fried or boiled, at new Ponsonby restaurant The Gyoza Bar most dumplings arrive fried on the bottom with a translucent steam-cooked top. All but the prawn-filled ones (and a pork version in soup) that is, whose inners lend themselves better to a rice paper coating and being cooked in a steamer – “it’s a textural thing,” explains head chef Kazuhiko Nakashima.

Japanese dumpling casings are typically machine-made, and here chef Nakashima has given his dough recipe to a local supplier to make wrappers for the restaurant. An elastic texture comes thanks to an extended resting time for the dough before it is machine-rolled into rounds.

As well as gyoza, The Gyoza Bar has a short menu of Izakaya-style dishes like kaarage chicken, fried lotus root and beef tataki made using grade A5 wagyu from Hida, Japan. A succinct wine list covers the basics and restaurant manager Shoichi Yoshizawa will be on hand to recommend special non-listed wines to match your snacks.

The Gyoza Bar opens 7 March from 5pm. 

The Gyoza Bar
171C Ponsonby Rd
09 361 1619