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First Look: Kindred

First Look: Kindred

Oct 6, 2016 Restaurants

Photos by Anna Kidman, words by Kate Richards 

Open early, close late is sure to be a winning formula when you’ve nabbed a restaurant space right next to a new theatre complex. The Wiley family (mum, dad and two sons) – who own Miss Clawdy down the road and Sausalito on the shore – have parked themselves right opposite the new ASB building in Wynyard Quarter. Nice move, Wileys, and for those who now have a new spot for lunch.

Kindred is very pretty, all rose-coloured concrete and olive leather banquettes. They’ve bought the in-vogue lumpy ceramics and the hand blown lights. There’s table service and seats with backs, hallelujah!

The menu is bistro style with dishes like lamb rump lay to bed on a hummus cloud; pearl couscous and chimichurri providing punch and substance. Chicken – absent of late from many ‘upmarket’ menus – comes with Szechuan salt and spicy sambal, be warned though, if you order this you’ll get half a bird. There are a handful of sides, like cauliflower with anchovy mayo.

Kindred calls itself casual, but in reality it’s pretty posh. Tasteful decoration and attention to detail are evident – the waiters even pour your water for you. It’s cool, except for the awful U2 classics and that one Alanis Morissette song playing quietly in the background.

7/12 Jellicoe St
Wynyard Quarter