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Federal Delicatessen (1)

Federal Delicatessen (1)

Jun 25, 2015 Restaurants

Federal Delicatessen


86 Federal St, central city. Ph 363-7184,
Breakfast, lunch & dinner 7 days. $

Finalist, Restaurateur of the Year: Al Brown / Finalist, Best All-day Restaurant / Finalist, Best Shared Table / Finalist, Best Value for Money


The fire at The Fed broke our hearts. As we went to press, the news was this marvellous all-day diner would be out of action for “a few months”, which we take to mean they’ll be good to go again before the end of winter (Ed. note: The Fed is now back open for business).

That’s important: it was only with us a couple of years, but already we can’t imagine a winter (or a summer, frankly) without the chicken matzo soup, Reuben sandwiches, piles of grilled veges, dishes of schnitzel and chicken… the lemon meringue and sugar pie aren’t bad either. We trust owner Al Brown, manager Warren Ford (above) and the team and we’re happy to call it now: when they’re back, you watch, they’ll be better than ever.

A favourite dish: veal schnitzel with iceberg wedge, pickles, gravy & mash.


4 Spoons

Shared-plate options
Free-range chicken and/or pork
Craft beer selection
Good for kids
Bookings not usually taken