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Euro (1)

Euro (1)

Aug 18, 2012 Restaurants

Metro Best Restaurants in Auckland - EuroShed 22, Princes Wharf, Viaduct. Ph 309-9866.
Lunch & dinner 7 days.


There may be no heights to which Simon Gault — pilot, TV celebrity, chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur, bon vivant and all-round charmer — will not fly, but one of the achievements we admire the most is his impressive maintenance of standards at his flagship restaurant, Euro. There’s a chef’s table where you can sit up and watch the team prepare a degustation for you — and sometimes Gault himself will be at the stoves. There are the always-famous rotisserie chickens, pizzas and wow-on-a-plate desserts. There is molecular magic, because Gault knows about the theatre of food, and slow cooking, and damn fine steaks too. The terrace, facing west over docks that invariably have some lovely boats drawn up, is one of Auckland’s better places to sit in the evening — or during the day, for that matter — and, this being a decent sort of place, there’s a very fine wine list.

A favourite dish: Rotisserie chicken with SG herb rub, mash and peanut slaw.
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