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Cable Bay (2)

Cable Bay (2)

Aug 18, 2012 Restaurants

Metro Best Restaurants in Auckland - Cable Bay12 Nick Johnstone Drive, Oneroa, Waiheke. Ph 372-5889.
December-Easter, lunch & dinner 7 days.
Other times, lunch & dinner at weekends,
but check website for details.


The restaurant with the best views in Auckland? Cable Bay on Waiheke, just a short hop from the ferry and Oneroa village. Up on a hill, facing west over sweeping vineyards and the sea, the Sky Tower and the rest of the city in the distance, the high sky roiling with clouds or perhaps ablaze with light or thunderous and wet — it’s brilliant every which way — and the setting sun glorifying everything. Go on, you deserve it, and so do any visitors you may be welcoming to this city. Go to Waiheke. Sample the very good wines (Cable Bay is a winery restaurant), decide “What the hell” and work your way through their thoroughly enticing menu, allow yourself to be spoiled by staff who take such evident pleasure in the enjoyment their customers gain from just being there.

A favourite dish: Spaghettini with crab, prawns, lemon, garlic, chilli, rocket and crayfish oil.
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