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Metro Recommends: La Voie Française Abricot pastry
Alex Blackwood

Metro Recommends: La Voie Française Abricot pastry

Those of you craving a crunch of almost-caramelised, golden pastry followed by creamy, light, fluffy, eggy custard of a perfect apricot tart, look no further.

Abricot, as you will remember from year ten French class (or can see presently that it looks like the English word for apricot with a typo) is French for apricot. But apparently (or rather, according to Google), the full name of the pastry is “oranais aux abricots”, “abricotine” or “croissant aux abricots” depending on which part of France you listen to. I listen to the part of France that resides at Shop 4/875 Dominion Rd; La Voie Française, for they have won my loyalty and the ability to dictate what I call this style of pastry with their excellent iteration.

I don’t even like apricots. But this? This is heaven.

The juicy, tart, glazed apricots offer a relief from the pastry’s sweetness and my gosh, I’ll have three more, please.

Part of the secret to the excellently tender and piquant apricot halves is the fact that the pastry is made with canned apricots, not fresh which – in this case – gives them a heavier, denser, marinated quality which I’m a big fan of.

But I’m overcomplicating things – it’s good pastry. And good pastry is as simple as happiness itself.

La Voie Française
Shop 4/875 Dominion Rd
Mount Roskill