Alex Blackwood

Metro Recommends: Barilla Dumpling's Deep Fried Green Beans with Spicy Salt


They're unassuming and not exactly eyecatching. Yet, if you have ever heard Alex Blackwood talk about Barilla’s deep fried green beans with spicy salt, you’ll have heard her claim they're better than chips. Yes, that’s right. Beans. Better than chips.

They are salty, spicy (but not too spicy), sweet and covered in the spice which imbues everything with a delicious rich je ne sais quoi (it's cumin).

The flavour combo is powerful, but they are also crunchy with a delicate coating and an oiliness that makes these humble beans feel a little bit naughty.

I have tried to recreate them at home and failed multiple times.

It’s a gamble getting beans in the place of what could be another helping of dumplings at a renowned dumpling joint. But trust me; you will not regret this. I have been to Barilla more than once to buy beans and beans alone.

To emphasise how strongly I feel about these beans, I leave you with this meme which is simultaneously a colossal mood, and also the likely reason that I might be found staring into space at any given time:

At all times, I am thinking about those beans.

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