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Not another juice cleanse think piece

Not another juice cleanse think piece

Oct 8, 2015 etc

Ahh the juice cleanse. The perfect fibre-free fodder for a think-piece titled “I drank only liquified fruit and veg for a week and then had to quit my job as a journalist because I could no longer stand to be around anything fruit-related, which unfortunately included my Apple MacBook.”

It’s ripe material because the novel and extreme premise of a juice cleanse epitomises our burgeoning food culture of excess. We want cheeseburgers, we want pretend “raw burgers”, and we want them now, cold pressed to go because we haven’t time to chew.

I don’t mean to be cynical. I love how diet trends force chefs to innovate, to master the alchemy of cheesecakes containing neither cheese nor cake, especially when that means creating a homage that’s tastier than the original. Continue reading…