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Where to sip the best cocktails at NEGRONI WEEK across New Zealand

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Where to sip the best cocktails at NEGRONI WEEK across New Zealand

Sep 17, 2023 Drinks

Arguably today’s it-cocktail, the Negroni has captured hearts – and tummies – across the globe. And for one week in September, a handful of bars across the country will be pulling out all the stops to celebrate the Italian icon. 

From north to south, mixologists will be serving up sophistication for Negroni connoisseurs and novices alike. It’s all in the name of celebrating cocktail culture, and the highly skilled faces behind the drinks. 

But while the week will be centred around the classic cocktail, it’s so much more than just aperitivos and perfect serves. Proceeds from all registered Negroni Week venues will go towards Slow Food – a organisation preventing the disappearance of local food cultures. 

So rally your mates and mark your calendar for a fabulous week of celebrations. And if you can’t make it to one of the locations below – don’t worry, the ingredients are all listed for you to whip up a masterpiece of your own. Cheers to that.


“At its core, the Negroni should be complicated” – exactly what Wellington’s Elixir bar is about. Experimenting with three different types of gin, a Campari forward blend of Amaro and a variety of vermouth – you could say this bar is one for taking risks. And it doesn’t stop there. Their Solara Negroni will be topped with something different every time, meaning you could get anything from smoked-zucchini-infusedCampari to Jamaican rum. 

Hailed as an extraordinarily atmospheric place to eat, Ombra’s vibes are just as good as the cocktails they serve. Inspired by the classic Jelly Tip ice cream, their cherry chocolate take on a Negroni will include Campari, Cinzano Vermouth and French white chocolate liqueur.

Hawthorne Lounge

Hawthorn Lounge
Intimate and inviting, Hawthorn Lounge readily serves up sophistication for both the cocktail connoisseur and the cocktail curious. Tucked away in central Wellington, Negroni lovers old and new will feel right at home with their classic 20:20:20 blend – and either sweet or sour vermouth.

Wonder Horse
Opening its doors in 2012, Wonder House has since become a Hamilton fixture. And judging by their take on a cocktail classic, it’s not hard to see why. Experimenting with ingredients like burnt toast soaked in vermouth and butter-fat-washed gin, their Negroni is set to deliver imaginative flavours and hints of nostalgia. 


Teresa Cocktail Bar
Quality over quantity is Bar Teresa’s bread and butter. Celebrating local and seasonal cuisine, their take on a Negroni will feature ingredients like locally sourced Fennel Pollen infused gin, paired with Campari and propolis infused sweet vermouth. To top it off, all ingredients will be aged in cocoa butter – it’s been said that even the most unwilling Negroni drinker can’t resist.

Dux Central
With their subtle twist on a classic, Dux Central is perfect for any Negroni novice. Expect sweet and fruity flavours, like strawberry gin and chocolate liqueur – paired with classic Negroni ingredients like Campari and vermouth. Featuring four different bar spaces, a courtyard and balcony – you’ll have plenty of seating options to sip from.

Dux Central

Little Blackwood
Located further south, Little Blackwood opens its doors to both the most experienced Negroni lover, and those who just want to dabble. Perched on the water’s edge of Lake Wakatipu, their Negroni recipe will feel just as classy – with a mixture of shiraz gin, strawberry-infused Campari, vermouth, mixed berry syrup and orange bitters. 

Sprig and Fern Milton Street
Quaint and cosy, Sprig and Fern in Nelson welcomes visitors and locals alike. Eager to make their mark on Negroni week, their recipe is set to feature blood orange gin – highlighting the citrus after tone. If you’re lucky enough to be there on a sunny day, their front deck boasts incredible views of Botanical Hill, which is sure to make your Negroni taste even sweeter. 

Lime Bar
Ponsonby, Auckland
Since its inception in 1998, Lime Bar has been a regular favourite amongst the Ponsonby bar scene. Championing good cocktails and great vibes – your Negroni is sure not to disappoint. Their take? A classic blend of Campari, sweet red vermouth, and bourbon – paired with a flame orange zest and garnished with orange twist. Delightful.

Ponsonby, Auckland
Another Ponsonby and Campari icon, Deadshot offers an intimate cocktail experience – with faultless service. Negroni enthusiasts can expect a fresh take on an old classic, with Campari, gin, Cinzano Vermouth, a dash of absinthe – and even lemon oil. Garnished with a lemon twist, this cocktail is peak sophistication. 

The Parasol & Swing Company
Viaduct, Auckland
Located in the heart of the Auckland Viaduct, Parasol & Swing’s cocktails, and views, won’t disappoint. Their Strawberry Sbagliato is set to debut at Negroni Week, with a mixture of Campari, Cinzano Vermouth, a swap out of gin for strawberry prosecco syrup – and a garnish of strawberry slice. Are your taste buds tingling yet? 

Hideaway Bar and Restaurant
Ponsonby, Auckland
If you’re heading for Hideaway, come hungry. The microbrewery and garden bar serves up a raft of handmade pizzas and delicious small plates, along with craft beers and of course cocktails. Going for sweet sophistication, their Negroni will feature strawberry-infused Campari, homemade pink peppercorn gin and Cinzano Vermouth – all garnished with chocolate and popping candy brittle. Perfection.

Negroni Week runs 18 — 24 September at bars around the country.
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