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The 100 Wines for Summer 2013

Jan 9, 2013 Drinks

Welcome to the third Metro wine tasting. Our panel of experts has blind-tasted its way through hundreds of bottles to identify 100 great wines. Sparkling wines, whites, reds and “stickies”, wines for long summer feasts and cosy little dinners, wines for the beach and barbecue and bach.

Once again, we’ve used our unique method of grouping the wines by style rather than varietal. You’ll find pinot gris, for example, listed in three different categories (crisp and dry, light and fruity, and medium-bodied) because it comes in all those styles and it’s not always possible to tell from the label. Our method is designed to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

How the Wines Were Judged

Several hundred wines were blind-tasted according to accepted industry practice. Experienced stewards organised the wine into small groups (or flights) for the judges, and presented them already poured so no one would know what they were tasting.

The judges were selected for their experience with wine and their knowledge of consumer taste (several are experienced restaurateurs and sommeliers), and they worked in small groups, comparing notes after each flight.

Most styles were tasted, including dessert wines (“stickies”) and fortified wines. Those wines that were highly ranked were then re-tasted in another blind-tasting to find our final selection.

The Judges

Paul Tudor (chief judge), Master of Wine, wine consultant and critic; Roy Assadi, sommelier at Totó; Ben Convery, chef at Molten restaurant in Mt Eden; Sophie Cotter, wine merchant, St Vincent’s Cave; Mark Holland, long-time bar manager at Soul Bar; Dane Jardine, wine merchandiser and former restaurateur; Rebecca Jones, Metro food writer, former restaurateur and sommelier; Sven Nielsen, restaurateur and sommelier at Molten; Carol Pearcy, sommelier at Basque Kitchen & Bar, Newmarket; James Porter, sommelier at Andiamo, Herne Bay; Liz Wheadon, Regan McCaffery and Cameron McPhee from Glengarry Wine.

Tasting notes by Paul Tudor MW.

The Top 10 Wines of Summer 2013

The Top 10 Bargain Wines

Premium Sparkling Wines

Everyday Sparkling Wines

Crisp Dry Whites

Light & Fruity Whites

Medium-Bodied Dry & Off-Dry Whites

Full-Bodied Whites

Rich Aromatic Whites

Blush Wines

Light & Aromatic Reds

Medium-Bodied Savoury Reds

Full-Bodied Reds

Sweet Wines



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