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Sweet Wines

Sweet Wines

Jan 8, 2013 Drinks

Treats for dessert, with fruit and cheese or on their own.

Lustau Pedro Ximénez San Emilio Sherry $35

This luscious fortified wine is a bit like raisin juice with alcohol, which is pretty much how it started life. Rich, dense and creamy, yet with some spicy complexity and enough acidity to make you come back for more, it’s gorgeous on its own and powerful enough to enjoy with the leftover Christmas cake. 17%.

Pegasus Bay Aria Late-picked Riesling 2009, Waipara. $37  TOP 10
Many sweet wines are so cloying that you can only enjoy a small sip. Here, there is a lovely, citrusy freshness and racy acidity — it still tastes very much as riesling should, yet it is medium-sweet and lush. Lovely as a pre- or after-dinner treat or with fruit desserts. 10%.

Riverby Estate Noble Riesling 2011, Marlborough. $35 for 375 mls
Honeyed fruit, candied peel and spicy botrytis overtones, with a luscious, creamy and sweet mouthfeel balanced by fine acidity. A stunning dessert wine and even better all by itself. 11%.

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