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The six best brunch dishes in Auckland

The six best brunch dishes in Auckland

Nov 11, 2015 Cafes

Presenting the best six brunch dishes in Auckland, as chosen by the Metro food judges.

Photos by Ken Downie.

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Freekeh at Beirut


It’s harder than it should be to find a decent porridge in a cafe. I like it hot, mouthfilling and also full of flavoursome surprises. I’m also happy when it’s good to look at, but irritated when the appearance is achieved at the expense of the food itself (one cafe I know serves about 5mm of porridge in the bottom of a wide bowl covered in flowers — which tells me the chef looks at but does not eat his own food). At Beirut, they get it completely right. The freekeh (toasted wheat) is caramelised and lavender flavoured, with bits of plum and, the masterstroke, flakes of baklava on top. – Simon Wilson.