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Jess’ Underground Kitchen 2.0 opens in Remuera

Herne Bay local legend, Jess Daniell, has opened a Remuera follow up to her immensely popular deli, serving healthy (and delicious) home-cooked meals.

Jess’ Underground Kitchen 2.0 opens in Remuera

Jul 14, 2017 Cafes

Loveable character Jess Daniell – with her bright floral dresses and larger than life personality – has become a bit of a Herne Bay legend, providing healthy (and delicious) home-cooked meals for time-poor locals since 2013.

Her flagship store (Jess’s Underground Kitchen) opened in February last year on the corner of Jervois and Clifton Roads and continues to see a steady stream of loyal regulars from morning until mid-evening each day.

Until now, however, anyone living outside of Herne Bay would have to traverse town for Daniell’s dinners or to browse her cutesy, monochrome-coloured deli. But a sincere love for cooking and helping others means she’s heeded the call of the east and set up shop in Remuera with a second, smaller post (juk2.0).

Juk2.0 looks almost identical to its sibling shop, bar a tropical pineapple-decaled beaded curtain which separates the kitchen from the front room. The offerings here are similar too, though – for the time being at least – you will have to pre-order all fresh meals online. But pop in for a frozen meal any time.

The front cabinet proudly displays rows of generous sandwiches, cakes and salads, while back shelves house a carefully curated range of gourmet grocery items. Coffee is the bittersweet Veloce blend, roasted by Atomic, just like it’s always been

Jess’ Underground Kitchen 2.0
158 Remuera Road