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First Look: MoinMoin a new kaffehaus on Durham lane

First Look: MoinMoin a new kaffehaus on Durham lane

Feb 22, 2017 Cafes

Hamburg-born Julia Tolladay is quite the personality; top-knotted and gap-toothed she has a big smile and an even bigger voice.

The first time we spoke on the phone, she had me trapped for half-an-hour and I could barely hear for the rest of the day. We spent 25 minutes chatting at her newly opened kaffehaus MoinMoin on Durham Lane – impressive, given that the space is only about two metres-squared and a tour of it lasts roughly 30 seconds. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that MoinMoin is Hamburger slang used to greet people.

MoinMoin used to be Little and Friday’s central city takeaway post, the cake giant ditching the spot due to low foot traffic. Tolladay took over the lease and with help from The Fit Out Company has added her own little touches – black tiles have been removed, geometric cushions and potted peace lilies added. Little anchor detailing on her coffee cards and signage reference Tolladay’s move from one coastal city; Hamburg, to another; Auckland.

There is a simple offering of Supreme espresso coffee and cold Almighty Juices, alongside pastries and cakes baked by The Little Cake Kitchen and some very fine looking macaroons rolled in nuts and various other toppings. Tolladay hopes that soon she’ll be able to sell franzbrötchen or franzi, a croissant-brioche-hybrid baked with butter and cinnamon, native to Hamburg. She’d bake at home if it weren’t for the endless paperwork, so she’s waiting to find a commercial baker. When they arrive her franzis should be the first in Auckland, something Tolladay is particularly enthused about.  She told me (loudly) that she hasn’t had a bakery-made franzi for a year.


16 Durham Lane
Central city


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