First Look: Bones, Vulcan Lane's tiny new coffee store

A central city hole-in-the-wall is transformed into a specialty coffee store.

Hunter McLeod and Kristal Hale, of Fort St’s Cargo Coffee, have taken on a second site on Vulcan Lane. Once an ATM, the tiny space has been transformed with the help of The Fitout Company and graffiti artist Cinzah, into a hole-in-the-wall, specialty coffee store.

It’s a bare-bones affair, offering only Supreme espresso, filter and cold drip coffee to go. McLeod recommends you take your brew with “dirty milk” – half regular, half condensed milk– for a real treat.

Walls and fixtures are monochrome but the small details here are really eye-catching. On the window sill is a baby blue La Marzocco espresso machine; a short menu is hand-painted onto the wall with bones etched around the words, but the most striking feature is an ominous skull mural with floral detailing at the back of the shop. It took Cinzah two days to paint.

Bones on Vulcan will be open five days a week – six if, as McLeod puts it, he “gets bored and wants to come in.”

4 Vulcan Lane
Central city


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