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10 cafe trends that need to die

10 cafe trends that need to die

Oct 30, 2015 Cafes

No more mason jars please

“There should be public shaming for the use of jam jars as glasses”. Photo: Getty.


We asked you to tell us the things Auckland cafes do that really piss you off, and were overwhelmed by a twittery tornado. Here we go…


1.Mason jars


2. Menusplaining



3. Uncomfortable chairs

uncomfortable chairs


4. Bad accoustics

the noise


5. Impractical presentation



6. Confusing payment options



7. Gluten-free intolerance

gluten snobbery


8. Lack of personal space

personal space


9. Inability to read the room

reading the room


10. Inspiring existential crises

eating with people



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