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A taste of this year's interior design trends

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, trends never stand still. We asked the experts to give us a taste of what’s trending for 2018.

A taste of this year's interior design trends

Dec 31, 2018 Property

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, trends never stand still. We asked the experts to give us a taste of what’s trending for 2018.

Forget the constraints of minimalism, maximalism is here ? along with warm, dark colours, earthy neutrals, contemporary paint effects, statement ceilings and more. Here, the professionals from Resene give us a window onto the interior trends that will have you exploring bold new looks and earthy palettes.

Modern maximalism

Maximalism ? one of the hottest styles in interior design ? is a blend of historical design and colours, layers and textures, with mixed artwork. It creates a unique interior that melds the patina of time with contemporary decor.

“Maximalism allows you to let your imagination loose,” says Rebecca Long, Resene Colour Expert. “The key here is to play close attention to design elements, such as repetition and shape, to build your scheme.”

Daringly dark

There is a shift to embracing darker hues indoors, taking cosy to a new level, focusing on dark colours with deep blues and greens and smoky charcoals, such as Resene Indian Ink and Resene Coast.

Dark walls ensure a space won’t feel empty and a deep backdrop enhances the greenery of plants and colours in artwork.

Moody metallics

“We are still using metallic, but with an earthier twist,” says interior designer and colour consultant Debbie Abercrombie. “The mix of black and metallic, such as Resene Catch 22, is strong, elegant and stylish enough to outlast trends too.”

Whether it’s stools, chairs, wall units and planters painted in metallic hues, or simple metallic touches added to handles and chair legs, picture frames, textiles and wallpaper ? metallics are a versatile choice. Use metallics to glam up a room, or pair them with handcrafted ornaments, natural stone or exotic wood.

Grounded neutrals

Earthier, honest neutrals are right on trend. Choose a colour palette of earthy browns, tans, warm greys and greens ? and especially terracotta.

“Terracotta is making a comeback and it isn’t just limited to pots,” says Rebecca. “Pair colours such as Resene Entourage and Resene Desperado with classic timber stains such as Resene Pitch Black and Resene Natural.”

Statement ceilings

Often referred to as the ‘fifth’ wall, whether you choose to paint it, wallpaper it, or apply interesting textures to it, decorating the ceiling is a striking way to revamp a room. Darker colours create a cocooning effect by giving the perception that a ceiling is lower than it actually is.

If you’re concerned about ‘lowering’ the room height, avoid painting the edges of the ceiling, and bring the wall colour up over the cornices. Using a matte finish, such as Resene SpaceCote Flat, will accentuate the depth of darker colours.

A taste of this year's interior design trends

Special effects

Effects are back in fashion, but with a modern overhaul; freehand styles paired with modern colourways. The look is less prescribed and lighter on the senses than the traditional overly detailed finishes of decades past.

The new effects style is more focused on the colour combinations and less about the effects technique. With products such as Resene FX Paint Effects and Resene FX Crackle, a myriad of finishes from colour washing to antiquing can be created.

Texture becomes an added dimension using products such as Resene Sandtex and Resene Resitex. Or go for a coastal-inspired durable washed effect with Resene Colorwood Whitewash and Resene Colorwood Greywash.

Beautiful brights

The future continues to brighten, as bold, eye-catching colours give a fresh vibrancy to rooms. Whether it’s quirky and out-of-the-ordinary or intense and sophisticated, a lively palette inspires cheerfulness and a playful release.

Think palettes featuring accents of red, earthy oranges, aqua blue, yellows and lime green.

Botanical texture

We’re still seeing bold-leafed plants in our homes, in particular ‘patterned’ plants with leaves bearing stripes or splotches ? consider calathea, croton and dieffenbachia. Nature’s green hues are prominent too. We’re also seeing the blues ? from deep and dark to weathered blues.

Colour combos

Pairing colours is where it’s at. Warm greys are paired with tan, camel, terracotta and brown-blacks.
“The combination of black on tan or tan on black is a smart choice,” says Debbie. “Also keep an eye out for ochres and colours of cracked earth. The key is seeing colour in combination ? isolated colours are often not the wow we are looking for. It is how we combine them.”

Real recycling

Using recycled materials and upcycled objects is not just a trend, it’s a responsibility. Paint, stain and clear finishes are an easy way to help repurpose or reuse a favourite piece of furniture or accessory. Old can easily become new by redecorating with a fresh new colour and finish.

When you’re going with trends, remember the golden rule: always choose colours you love. That way you’ll enjoy them for years to come. The new range of fashion colours 2020 is packed full of the latest on trend colours and is coming to Resene ColorShops and resellers this spring.


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