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20 Questions November 2014

Nov 10, 2014 etc

01    Heard about the Auckland playgroup planning an Ebola party so the kiddies can all get it over with at the same time?

02    Should we even be worrying about Ebola when Man Flu is a verified pandemic?

03    Gracinderella?

04    If Andrew Little has leadership potential, how come he borrows his charisma from his cat?

05    Will TV3’s new soap just be half an hour of highlights from Paul Henry’s day?

06    Will TVNZ keep Jack Tame on when he comes off the youth wage?

07    Will the book awards at least be relaunched in time to snub the next Eleanor Catton novel?

08    Is Oliver Driver directing Jesus Christ Superstar because he’s always wanted to tell God what to do?

09    Whether or not clothes look better on skinny people, don’t words always sound worse coming out of a fathead?

10    Now that lettuce is off the menu, can I have my nachos on chips again?

11    Definitely going to use that pizza oven a lot more this summer?

12    How good is it not having to think about Kim Dotcom?

13    Planning to compensate for the lack of Big Day Out this summer by putting the stereo speakers a long way back and waiting an hour to use the loo?

14    Losing sleep over whether the MKR cookbook will be out in time for Christmas?

15   Come on, wouldn’t you ban “Royals” if you could?

16    Is Weekendvy the new FOMO?

17    Does Whale Oil wear one of those hazmat suits when he writes his blog?

18    Scalping your chocolate milk yet?

19    Wish that murderous mob chasing Jeremy Clarkson had tried a bit harder?

20   First-home buyers: Let them eat apartments?


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