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Metro Arts — Tuesday 19 April

What's on in Auckland this week

Metro Arts — Tuesday 19 April

Apr 19, 2022 Metro Arts


I have to say I am so incredibly tired today.

Our Metro work week ended on an epic note on Thursday with 220 bottles of wine tasted for the top 50 wines in our forthcoming issue. I have to admit the novelty of witnessing my first professional wine tasting wore off, as the work place injuries came in. Who knew opening 100+ screw top lids was a work out for your hands? But there were some great wines in the lot, so make sure you keep an eye out for the best wine list!

Then on Good Friday I sat in crawling traffic with a zillion other Aucklanders up to Whatuwhiwhi in the far far north or FFN (an acronym credited to Macgraff Leuluai). I have to say aside from the communal showers, it was actually some pretty special family time. And then because I’m a sucker for punishment, yesterday turned into a spontaneous painting of my living room and hallway. So how am I standing today? With the help of caramilk easter bunnies stolen from my children in their sleep – no regrets.

Apologies for writing slightly from the dark place, but just trying to match Auckland’s weather. Although highly likely by the time this goes out it would have changed.

Also, do you have a show, event or release between June and August? If so, I would love to include it in the Calendar for our next Metro issue. Let me know here.

See ya after Anzac!

— Lana




This week I reckon you should go out and head along to TERRAPOLIS. The show opens tonight at Q Theatre and is directed by Nisha Madhan, performed by Julia Croft (and joined by Jason Wright) and co-created between Croft, Wright and Meg Rollandi. In the lead up to show I asked Julia Croft a few questions:

What is the main question that TERRAPOLIS grapples with?
TERRAPOLIS is intended both as a eulogy and an act of radical hope. It is me trying to grapple with how to be on a planet that is facing ecological catastrophe, while I can never manage to think more into the future than next week. It doesn’t solve anything. But maybe it shouldn’t try to. Sitting with desire and its limitations is beautiful I think. It is an attempt to capture the feeling that another world is possible, because I need to believe that very much right now. It is sonic art, and B movie aesthetics, Steve Tyler and an attempt to build something new, from something old. And at its most personal I think it’s me just trying to figure out how to keep on living when things rupture and a perverse desire for the undersides of things, and how I like to imagine that I could leak through surfaces that seem solid.

Three reasons not to miss TERRAPOLIS?

The mashing together of an Ibiza party and concepts of the void feat. the amen drop (for all the old drum and bass nerds out there)
A collection of images, maybe more like a series of paintings than a traditional theatre show.
A chance to finally be in a room together and isn’t that nice. I’ve missed you so much.

What can audiences expect?

A dreamscape of images and sounds. Time to slow down. Time to be together. A chaotic and endless web of imaginings. A truly incredible soundscape created live on stage by Jason, who agreed to wear an Elvis costume. And some boobs, specifically mine. Just for a bit.

TERRAPOLIS is on at Q Theatre from 19 to 23 April, tickets range from $30 – $35.




I highly recommend buying a ticket to TERRAPOLIS (see above).

There are a couple of spots on K Rd that I recommend hitting in one go. Steve Carr’s show at Michael Lett looks pretty great, including the transforming of the bunker (the most terrifying gallery space in Auckland) into a kind of garden. Toitū Te Moana opened at Tautai last week the exhibition includes new work by Māori artists using Hawaiki, the ancestral home as a starting point for their work. The exhibition includes Maia Wharewera-Ballard and Te Ao Hinekou Mihaere Wharewera, Atareta Black, Lanae Cable, Te Ara Minhinnick, Kahurangiariki Smith and Hōhua Thompson.

Also the T. rex named Peter is on display now at Auckland Museum which actually looks pretty cool. Only four obsidian black T. rex have ever been found which is pretty cool. Something about it just invigorates the inner child – perfectly timed for school holidays too (of course) and it’s free.




deepState’s new single Redux (Van Staden & Bohm Remix) out today

Q Theatre, The Loft
19 – 23 April

Volvo Scandi Film Festival Aotearoa
21 April – 1 May

Fork N Funny
The Turning Fork
22 April, 7.30PM

Troy Kingi With Delaney Davidson
Auckland Town Hall
24 Apr 

Turning a page, starting a chapter, featuring Sione Faletau, Ana Iti, Jade Townsend
Gus Fisher Gallery
30 April – 9 July including an artist talk on 30 April at 3pm

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