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The Fan Brigade: Ask the Fan Brigade - review

The Fan Brigade: Ask the Fan Brigade - review

May 10, 2016 Theatre

This female duo tackles major social issues such as sexism, creationism, and anal sex on a one night stand. Their biting and intimate commentary has the audience laughing, cringing and thinking deeply all at once.

Set up like a talk show, the pair answer preplanned questions in the form of song. Although their banter between ballads is at times awkward and repetitive, their musical performances are creative and intellectual masterpieces.

The flamboyant and outspoken Livi and the sarcastic and subtle Amanda complement each other well, giving their act a unique flavor. Both their voices and comedic timing are harmonious.

The Fan Brigade performed a similar (and sometimes exactly the same) set at their AotearoHA gig. However, their songs are so catchy and deep, watching them more than once is a treat.

Ask the Fan Brigade, until May 14, The Classic Studio. Book tickets.

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