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School holidays: Kid pick of the week

School holidays: Kid pick of the week

Oct 8, 2015 Theatre

I promised my toddler roly-polys on the way over the bridge to Carnival of the Animals and Circa delivered. The Australian circus troupe nails a roly-poly in all the expected hard-to-get places – through a hoop, on a trapeze, beneath slapping skipping ropes. What’s a little more unexpected is the level of delightful sophistication Circa bring to this multimedia circus show. It’s set to the classical suite by French composer Camille Saint-Saens by the same name, which provides inspiration for the many animal roles the acrobats inhabit, from penguins to kangaroo to dinosaurs. The merry tumblers’ antics are enhanced by a video background cleverly designed with a faded brush of vaudevillian charm.

Grab a kid and go. Any kid. They’ll love it too.


Carnival of the Animals by Circa (Trailer) from Circa Contemporary Circus on Vimeo.

Bruce Mason Centre, to Oct 10, 11am and 2pm.