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Laura Daniel: Pressure Makes Diamonds - review

Laura Daniel: Pressure Makes Diamonds - review

May 11, 2016 Theatre

There’s no denying 2016 Billy T nominee Laura Daniel has talent. As seen on Funny Girls and Jono and Ben, this rising star can sing like Mariah, dance like Beyoncé, and act like a true drama kid.

In the honeymoon phase of life as a TV performer, Daniel examines the new-found perks with relatable excitement (YAS! business class!) while simultaneously revealing new-found insecurities.

It’s a rich subject matter, but unfortunately Daniel doesn’t mine it hard enough, with jokes that at times lack substance and/or outstay their welcome. Sure, being sent a sample of bull cum shampoo is hilarious, but it’s only good for one climatic point, not twenty.

With the energy of a small puppy on speed, Daniel is undeniably compelling to watch. Some of her gags are so wacky you have to giggle at the sheer ridiculousness of them. She pours her heart onto the stage and it’s emotive and uplifting, but it’s not necessarily funny.

Daniel has brilliant performance value, and if she added more layers to her jokes, she could be one of the best.

Pressure Makes Diamonds, until May 14, Basement Studio. Book tickets.

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