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Joseph Moore: So...I'm a Dad - review

Joseph Moore: So...I'm a Dad - review

May 13, 2016 Theatre

On paper, the idea of talking for an hour about having a pretend wife and child is utterly ludicrous. As a twenty-something, childless comedian, Joseph Moore himself admits it’s been a tough concept to market during his show at the Basement. Very quickly though, So…I’m a Dad surprises, morphing from its weird concept into an even weirder but surprisingly entertaining show.

Despite the seemingly impossible concept, Moore is on point from the get-go. He moves seamlessly from fantastical stand-up to bizarre sketch show with so little hesitation you barely notice the switch over. The show hits peak-madness two-thirds through, descending into an uncomfortable amalgam of silly and somber, saved by some surprise cameos. It comes together in the final minutes, but the journey’s long.

Overall, the show is pleasantly surprising and riotously entertaining.  Moore manages to make his ludicrous concept work and keep a straight face. Not all the segments are stellar, but it makes for a smooth piece of comedic fiction that truly embraces the ridiculous.

So… I’m A Dad, until May 14th, Basement Theatre. Book tickets