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Joel Creasey: The Crown Prince - review

Joel Creasey: The Crown Prince - review

May 4, 2016 Theatre

Google Joel Creasey and one of the first things you’ll discover is he’s known as The Acid Tongue Prince. As the Australian began his first story at the Herald Theatre last night, explaining how he was recently cast as former Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson’s best friend for her reality TV show, it was clear that it was an apt description. Creasey had an endless array of venomous zingers in his arsenal, but while his words were dripping with sass, the comedian’s delivery meant no jibe felt unkind.

His stories revolved largely around his desire to be famous and his encounters with various celebrities. From living in the African jungle for a reality TV show to awkward encounters with celebrities after being dumped, they were endlessly entertaining. You could imagine the calories he must have been shedding as he energetically rattled off anecdote after anecdote, the audience themselves breathless with non-stop laughter.

There wasn’t a single lull, with even the weakest story about tennis player Kim Clijsters ultimately paying off. When he turned to his personal life and recalled being dumped, Creasey showed his jokes could be just as deprecating and hilarious when aimed at himself.  If he is half as entertaining on the next season of Kendra, I might just have a new favourite show.

Joel Creasey: The Crown Prince, until May 7, Herald Theatre. Book tickets