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Ben Hurley: Earth Planet World - review

Ben Hurley: Earth Planet World - review

May 6, 2016 Theatre

Ben Hurley’s new set is extremely ambitious. The 7 Days star has given himself the monstrous task of writing a joke about every single country in the world, and like a true comedic veteran, he’s somehow pulled it off.

The show quickly becomes a stage version of a YouTube conspiracy video as Hurley mines his source material for deeper meaning. Could the amount of syllables in a country’s name somehow be related to a series of random strangers discoverable on Facebook? Before we know it we’re swept up in the logic of a madman, giggling profusely.

On top of great content and an insane amount of research, Hurley’s execution is on point. He roars onto the stage with child-like energy and manages to keep himself – and the audience – buzzing throughout the entire hour. Years of experience have fine-tuned his improv skills, too, as his sharp-witted banter with the audience demonstrates.

Earth Planet World is uplifting and well-executed. Judging by the fizzing auditorium post-show, the rest of the audience agreed.

Earth Planet World, May 5–7, Rangatira at Q Theatre. Book tickets.