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Angella Dravid & Melanie Bracewell: LOL Models - review

Angella Dravid & Melanie Bracewell: LOL Models - review

Apr 24, 2016 Theatre

Above: Angella Dravid and Melanie Bracewell.




It’s the future and local comedians Melanie Bracewell and Angella Dravid are sitting in cardigans and spectacles, retrospectively reviewing the solo acts they performed before Trump became president. They conclude they were both far better than they ever let on.

Each comedian brings their own unique energy when they remove the cardigans and take turns to do stand-up. Bracewell is awkward yet loveable and Dravid can persuade a laugh with one breathy pause. The former would be the offbeat life of the flat party, while the latter would quietly tell you the host’s cat is an arsehole. You have no choice but to laugh.

Bracewell won the 2015 Raw Comedy Quest and will proudly tell you she has been on 7 Days. Dravid won Best Newcomer from the NZ Comedy Guild and plays the violin like a guitar. Together they’re a dynamic comedy duo. The unpretentious lol models fumble over small costume changes, accidentally swapping specs, but only allow themselves to giggle once or twice.

During her day job as a content producer for Radio Hauraki Bracewell asked Rhys Darby for some tips for her pending show. “Do whatever makes you funny,” was his on-air advice. Darby passed the comedy baton to the understatedly funny LOL Models, and Bracewell and Dravid did not trip. I’m sure their future selves will agree.

LOL Models. April 26-30, Cellar at Q Theatre. Book tickets.