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Watch LarzRanda's new music video - Lifeguard

Aug 20, 2015 Music

“28 pictures of things that remind you that you were alive during the 90s”. Millennials cannot get enough of this style of article, or so Facebook’s algorithms relentlessly suggest. There are various theories circulating that attempt to justify the obsession children who grew up in the heyday of Friends, The Spice Girls and hair glitter have with the golden decade. Perhaps it’s because this generation was the last to experience pre-internet innocence, in all its Top of the Pops, video rental store-glory, or maybe it’s simply because the 90s were a happier time.

Whatever the reason, New Zealand hip hop artist LarzRanda capitalises on the phenomenon with an aesthetic that has been back-to-the-futured from the 90s, resulting in Game Boy beats and glossy, hyperreal music videos.

The video for Frankenstein in 2013 set the slick standard we’ve come to expect from LarzRanda. In it he stars in his very own 90s TV show:

The team behind it, director duo THUNDERLIPS and Candlelit Pictures, have been brought together once more to create another 90s pastiche for LarzRanda’s song Lifeguard.

In the video, events quickly turn sinister in a style reminiscent of Californian visual artist Alex Prager’s manicured horror. It’s pretty creepy…

Watch the new LarzRanda video:

LarzRanda – Lifeguard from THUNDERLIPS on Vimeo.


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