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Majical Cloudz Are you alone? - review

Majical Cloudz Are you alone? - review

Oct 27, 2015 Music

Lorde invited Majical Cloudz to play support on her North American tour last year and was heard to acclaim them as “one of the most simple and moving things I have seen”. But performing their intimate music to arena-size crowds was enough to make the Canadian duo rethink.

Are You Alone? is the outcome, though to the casual observer it’s not so very different from their previous recordings.

Singer-songwriter Devon Welsh’s songs have an endearing lack of guile. The warm blanket of synthetic instrumentation makes you want to float off into a world where it’s really okay to be totally open and say exactly what you think.

It’s the perfect simplicity of the music, allayed with Welsh’s prosaic delivery and openness, that cuts through what many may consider to be flaws.