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Leftfield: Alternative Light Source - review

Leftfield: Alternative Light Source - review

Jun 16, 2015 Music

leftfield-alternative-live-sourceYou spent the ‘90s dancing your nuts off at all-night dance parties. High on self-love medication, you got repetitive strain injury from waving your arms in the air one time too many.

Leftfield was your sauce – or was it Underworld? Leftworld? Underfield? You never could tell them apart – and ‘progressive house’ was the aesthetically challenged style soup that made that decade just one long party.

It’s now 2015, and you’re a star of real estate, dripping with cash and mildly alcoholic. Leftfield, now just one guy since the other guy left, releases their first album in 16 years, so tonight you’re going to party like it’s 1999!

You put the platter on the gramophone, and like a flashback, it’s 6am after a dance rave just as the drugs start wearing off and you’re deeply alone and suddenly, Leftfield sound like a mash of characterless electronic slop. Euphoria has spun on the head of a coin, and the room starts spinning, spinning…