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Laneway preview: the Jezabels interview Vance Joy

Jan 22, 2014 Music

On Monday the Laneway Festival returns to Auckland, bringing with it acts such as Haim, Chvrches, Danny Brown and Aussies the Jezabels, from Sydney, and Vance Joy, who hails from the festival’s hometown of Melbourne. We asked the Jezabels’ Nik Kaloper to throw some questions at Vance Joy (known to his mother as James Keogh).

Nik Kaloper: Was your transition from playing open mic nights to touring as a recording artist gradual, or is it defined by a pivotal moment?

Vance Joy: I think it changed pretty quickly once I uploaded Riptide onto sound cloud after I recorded it with my drummer Ed. I got in touch with my manager through putting it up on Facebook


NK: You studied law at university, what did you intend to do with your degree before turning to music?

VJ: I don’t know. I was crawling towards the finish line and was more interested in writing songs for the last 2 years of uni. I think that I put that study to use even though I’m not a lawyer. I don’t think I’ll ever be a lawyer.


NK: You have an extensive US tour lined up with Young The Giant starting February 2014 – what do you do to stay sane during the long drives?

VJ: I watched Twin Peaks which is amazing – up to half way through the second season where in my opinion the wheels fall off. But Dale Cooper I love you. And I read books (easy ones).


NK: How much of James Keogh shines through your persona, Vance Joy?

VJ: I think it’s all me. Probably with better lighting and hair.


NK: I’ve heard you like the Batman movies, do you think the the public is being too hard on Ben Afleck? Do you think he’ll be the dark knight that we deserve?

VJ: I don’t know. I like Ben Affleck. Especially in Good Will Hunting – I hope he plays Batman with a Boston accent.


NK:What’s surprised you the most about the music industry since becoming a professional musician?  Is there anything you weren’t prepared for?

VJ: I liked all the peacocking at the ARIAs (Australian Recording Industry Awards). I think it is a very unique industry


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