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Jamie xx: In Colour - review

Jamie xx: In Colour - review

Jun 17, 2015 Music

27510592-0968-bd19-d2d7-3e4e9060e593_TWD_407_GP_0722_0479-10652Playing like the kind of DJ set you’d like to hear in your favourite bar, over and over, In Colour is the first solo project of Jamie Smith, or Jamie xx, the most important component in the celebrated low-key rhythmatists, The xx.

Freed from the shackles of having to make perfect backdrops for songs and singers, Jamie xx discovers not just a new palette, but a riot of colours, contours and shapes on a project fashioned in downtime over five long years.

This is the sound of dance music liberated from its dull rituals, but the genius is in the way he makes it seem so minimalist, and so spacious.