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5 questions with: JessB, Imugi ???, and DJ Little Bok Choy from Milk & Honey Festival

Let's settle this: Is honey vegan or not?

5 questions with: JessB, Imugi ???, and DJ Little Bok Choy from Milk & Honey Festival

Mar 5, 2020 Music

This Sunday March 8 (International Women’s Day) there’s a free music festival on at Silo Park, Milk & Honey.

Back for its second year, the half-day festival features an all women lineup – how rad is that? Metro asked rapper JessB, Yery Cho of synth pop duo Imugi ???, and groovy, genre-defying DJ Little Bok Choy (Eva Choy) five quick questions, from why you should go (did we mention the lineup is all women?) to figuring whether or not honey is vegan, once and for all.

1. What’s your favourite type of milk and why?
Jess“Milk? My favourite type of milk is Up and Go. I’m just a stan. I’ve been drinking far too many of them for as long as I can remember. Vanilla. I’m trying to not drink cow’s milk as much, you know, phase out of such things.”
Yery“Bubble tea! With the pearls… it’s just so good honestly. It’s so addictive. My favourite bubble tea would definitely be the honey milk at Gong Cha, with 70% sugar and 30% ice.”
Eva“Cashew milk. It’s not as runny and full of flavour. And it’s good for the planet.”

2. Is honey vegan?
Jess: “Damn, I’ve had this conversation before. There are some practices for making money which aren’t good for the bees. But if the bees are living naturally and having their happy lives – I don’t know if I’d call it vegan, but I’d be more inclined to support those kinds of brands.”
Yery: “I don’t think it is vegan – isn’t it bee vomit? Bees fly and they suck up pollen from flowers and come back to the beehives, and then I’m pretty sure they throw it all up.”
Eva: “No it’s not vegan.”

Yery Cho (right), of Imugi ???. Photo: Supplied
Yery Cho (right), of Imugi ???. Photo: Supplied

3 Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at Milk & Honey?
Jess: “I’m absolutely not singling anyone out, I’d say every single one.”
Yery:  “Everyone! Any show that has an artist lineup that’s all women, that’s all I’m here for.”
Eva: “She’s So Rad, Imugi ???, JessB – and everyone else really, but those are my top three.”

4. Why should people come along?
Jess: “Because it’s an all female lineup!”
Yery: “My pitch would be like, love yourself. It’s sadly really rare that we get to have lineups like this in Aoetearoa. So much tea comes to mind. Eight out of ten times, if there’s a festival or a show put on it’s mostly men. And it’ll be a safe space – which again, is sadly quite rare. It truly is special for women to be able to put on a show for women with women, to make a safe space.”
Eva: “Why not, if you’re free? It’s awesome because it’s all women and if you have a sister if you have a mum – well everyone has a mum, so why not support an all woman lineup?”

Eva Choy, aka DJ Little Bok Choy. Photo: Supplied
Eva Choy, aka DJ Little Bok Choy. Photo: Supplied

5. What are your top tips for staying sun smart at Silo Park?
Jess: “I’m black, so, I have natural melanin in my skin but I dunno – sunblock? Slip slop slap, is that what they say?”
Yery: “The same thing everyone says: stay hydrated, put on sunscreen – I know that Asian don’t raisin, but you will raisin in the sun. And if you’re drinking also drink water – alcohol will dry you out.”
Eva: “Drink lots of water, you don’t want to get – I got heatstroke during New Years, it’s not a great experience. Don’t stay in the sun too long and wear a bucket hat!”

Milk & Honey kicks off at noon and wraps up at 6pm on Sunday March 8 in Silo Park. Free entry! See you there.


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