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Muppets Most Wanted - review

Muppets Most Wanted - review

Apr 11, 2014 Film & TV

The Muppets take on European mores, imposters, journalists, the art world, prison politics and henchman issues in a sequel so frenetic that it forgets to give us time to enjoy the Muppets themselves.

Catering to both kids and adults is something the brilliant, irreverent puppets have always done in spades, but Muppets Most Wanted shoots most of its jokes over the tops of younger audiences’ heads, and there’s not as much ridiculous physical comedy from Gonzo or Fozzie Bear to keep them amused this time around.

But who cares about the kids? This is a stealthily good date night film; the Piggy-Kermit-Constantine wedding subplot a sly warning about favouring fantasy over reality in modern relationships. Love advice from The Muppets? Take it.

Other highlights include Tina Fey’s crush on Kermit, Jemaine Clement’s jazz hands, Ty Burrell’s siesta-happy detective, and Bret McKenzie’s yacht-rock masterpiece, I’ll Get You What You Want. Yeah, give it to us.